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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing Ghaziabad

Overview of a Digital Marketing

Digital marketing mentions the utilization of various digital channels to promote products in the market to reach the target audience. The type of methods used for marketing contains websites, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other similar channels. Between, 1990 to 1998 digital marketing became very popular and expanded vastly and is quite different from traditional marketing. But, it follows some valid principles of traditional marketing which help new firms to reach customers in a better way. This also analyses what buyers are looking for and understands their physiological behavior for some items and services. It is a broad field that is based on customer attraction and their own interest in products.

Digital marketing attracts users with the help of search platforms, email, content marketing, and social media. Also, 7 types of digital marketing are very important while dealing with users and advertising their items or services.

7 types of digital marketing are

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion
  • Physical evidence
  • People
  • Process

Digital Marketing Works

Digital marketing is a type of activity that a firm use to advertise and promote its services and products in the market. It finds new consumers and tells what is different in their own products from other items. This needs a combination of advertisement, sales, and the ability to deliver services to a user so that their market share improves and successful growths take place. Specialists or professionals accept the marketing task either internally or externally.

An increase in technology and new trends give more options to change and adopt market strategies. In this marketing customer feedback or a two-way interaction between consumers and organization assist them in analyzing their services or product quality. Also, a search engine like Netscape allows a firm to tag keyword stuff to achieve updates or notices. The development of social media such as Facebook, and Instagram made it easy path for companies to know, and gather basic information about user trends.

Studies show that people prefer smartphones or other digital device for online services. Also, 65% to 70% of consumers use phones to purchase online products or items.

Types of Digital Marketing

The methods which the company uses for digital marketing are

  • Website Marketing: A website act as a central point in all digital marketing. This is a very powerful way of the channel and it needs a medium to operate the campaign of online marketing. A website helps in identifying the brand name of an item.
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) adverting: It allows marketers or market analysts to approach the internet user on various digital platforms with the aid of paid aids. Also, they can take the help of Bing, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest which presents ads to different people so that they can search for services or items.
  • Content Marketing: Content helps in reaching specific consumers. It is published on the website and then promotes using various social media, email marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO). Content involves blogs, online courses, eBooks, and webinars.
  • Email Marketing: Email is an effective way of reaching an audience in digital marketing fields. Various people have doubts between email marketing and spam mail. It shows its brands to some selected and interested consumers. This tells all new offers, and trends which are going on in the market.
  • Social Media Marketing: Its main goal is to make aware of the brands and builds trust. This generates leads and direct marketing or sales are also possible. Two common examples are tweets and promotion posts of the service.
  • Affiliate marketing: It is an old form of marketing and the internet brings new life and influences people’s products in the market. Every time on a sale or some customer lead generates they get some commissions. Amazon is one such example that gives many dollars to other websites to sell different items.
  • Video marketing: There are video platforms such as Facebook videos, Instagram, and Tik Tok that run various products campaign using video. Also, YouTube is the most searched platform in the world. Many users follow YouTube to get the exact review about an item or service before purchasing.
  • SMS messaging: Organisations and companies use SMS to give exact details about their ultra-modern promotions or provide opportunities to willing audiences.

Challenges of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing presents new challenges in the market with competitors. Digital channel develops hurriedly, and marketers have to keep watching and keeping an eye on new trends and how the channel works. This becomes very difficult to concentrate on the receiver because of competing ads. Also, digital marketing needs a deep analysis of buyer behavior.


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